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domingo, 22 de janeiro de 2012

The Image

Nowadays, you are just beautiful if your image corresponds to the current concept of beauty created by the superficial society we are living in.
Why does it happen?
On the one hand we believe that we are living in a developed world, but on the other hand, people are discriminated for not having the characteristics required by nowadays' ideals of beauty.
I have some difficulty in understanding how it happens, especially how slimness can be consider beauty rather than people's feelings, ideals and beliefs, which are, in my opinion, what defines a person. This ideal of beauty is also created by all the advertisements on the TV, radio or magazines: they tell us how we should be and if we follow their ideals we will have more chances to succeed in this competitive world, not showing who we are but what we look like.
In my opinion, it is not possible to bring up a fair society looking down on people's personality and considering the image the most important of all.
We should think it through…

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